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Filedash helps you collect files of any type and sizewith customizable upload link matching your brand

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Filedash helps you to easily receive files from your clients and customers. All you need is to share your Filedash upload link with them. They can send your large files without any additional software or plugins needed!

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Customize upload link

Customize upload link

Filedash is a ready-to-use page that can be customized to match your brand colors, and modify texts. Link to your custom upload link can be put on your website, sent via email, or shared via social media.

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Filedash will send you an email notification when you receive files, so you can get them fast, without the need to check your account.

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We could build a beautiful file upload experience thanks to the power of modern web technologies.


Your files are protected in transit with secure TLS cryptographic protocols, as well stored with a strong 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard.

On brand

You can modify your upload link thanks to a powerful editor to match your branding.

Support that helps you

We are available through chat widget and email to help you with any issue you might have with Filedash.

On your website

You can easily embed the upload link to your website and receive files from your clients and customers with ease.

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All of your collected files are available for download in one place after login into your account.

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